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FrameTransform: start all the required devices needed for transforming frames
+ Collaboration diagram for FrameTransform: start all the required devices needed for transforming frames:


The devices related to frame transformation have been decomposed into various submodules:

Thrift interfaces:

libyarp_dev interfaces:

This particular device can be decomposed into client and server if needed, as can be seen below, and each client and server can have various submodules so the user can choose a different structure depending on his need. To see how different client and server configurations can be coupled, see the following page: FrameTransform: possibile server-client configurations Fts_ftc_config


A client to manage frame transforms for robots.
This device implements the yarp::dev::IFrameTransform interface and it can be configured in different ways to match the user's needs.
In the following sections a brief description and simple graphic representation for each configuration are shown.

Client configurations that DO NOT need a Server

Client configurations that DO need a Server

The following configurations need, as the section title suggests, a running server component. The appropriate client configuration depends on the running server.


For what is concerning the server part, there are 2 different configurations: (XML files path to be determined)