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Tutorials and Examples about Devices

Tutorials and Examples about Devices. More...

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 How to add a device to YARP
 In YARP, a device driver is a class that implements one or more interfaces.
 Add a plugin to YARP
 In YARP, a "plugin" is an implementation of some service for which there are many choices and alternatives.
 Device Drivers How-To
 For a more up-to-date method of dealing with devices see:
 FrameTransform: start all the required devices needed for transforming frames
 FrameTransform: possibile server-client configurations
 Getting Started with YARP Devices
 For robotics, we need access to all sorts of strange devices.
 Network Wrapper Server and Network Wrapper Client Architecture
 Ways to compile YARP plugins
 This documents an area of YARP that is in flux: runtime plugins.

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Tutorials and Examples about Devices.