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MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp Class Reference

#include <mobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp/MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp:

Public Member Functions

bool open (yarp::os::Searchable &config) override
 Open the DeviceDriver.
bool close () override
 Close the DeviceDriver.
bool detach () override
 Detach the object (you must have first called attach).
bool attach (yarp::dev::PolyDriver *driver) override
 Attach to another object.
bool applyVelocityCommandRPC (const double x_vel, const double y_vel, const double theta_vel, const double timeout) override
return_getLastVelocityCommand getLastVelocityCommandRPC () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver
 DeviceDriver ()
 DeviceDriver (const DeviceDriver &other)=delete
 DeviceDriver (DeviceDriver &&other) noexcept=delete
DeviceDriveroperator= (const DeviceDriver &other)=delete
DeviceDriveroperator= (DeviceDriver &&other) noexcept=delete
 ~DeviceDriver () override
virtual std::string id () const
 Return the id assigned to the PolyDriver.
virtual void setId (const std::string &id)
 Set the id for this device.
template<class T >
bool view (T *&x)
 Get an interface to the device driver.
virtual DeviceDrivergetImplementation ()
 Some drivers are bureaucrats, pointing at others.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::IConfig
virtual ~IConfig ()
virtual bool configure (Searchable &config)
 Change online parameters.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::WrapperSingle
 ~WrapperSingle () override
bool attachAll (const yarp::dev::PolyDriverList &drivers) final
 Attach to a list of objects.
bool detachAll () final
 Detach the object (you must have first called attach).
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IWrapper
virtual ~IWrapper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::dev::IMultipleWrapper
virtual ~IMultipleWrapper ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MobileBaseVelocityControlRPC
 MobileBaseVelocityControlRPC ()
virtual std::vector< std::string > help (const std::string &functionName="--all")
bool read (yarp::os::ConnectionReader &connection) override
 Read this object from a network connection.
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::Wire
yarp::os::WireLinkyarp ()
 Get YARP state associated with this object.
const yarp::os::WireLinkyarp () const
 Get YARP state associated with this object (const version).
- Public Member Functions inherited from yarp::os::PortReader
virtual ~PortReader ()
virtual Type getReadType () const

Protected Attributes

std::mutex m_mutex
yarp::os::Port m_rpc_port_navigation_server
VelocityInputPortProcessor m_StreamingInput
std::string m_local_name
yarp::dev::PolyDriver m_subdev
yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DVelocityActionsm_iNavVel = nullptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyVelocityCommandRPC()

bool MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::applyVelocityCommandRPC ( const double  x_vel,
const double  y_vel,
const double  theta_vel,
const double  timeout 

Reimplemented from MobileBaseVelocityControlRPC.

Definition at line 143 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ attach()

bool MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::attach ( yarp::dev::PolyDriver driver)

Attach to another object.

driverthe polydriver that you want to attach to.
true/false on success failure.

Implements yarp::dev::IWrapper.

Definition at line 126 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ close()

bool MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::close ( )

Close the DeviceDriver.

true/false on success/failure.

Reimplemented from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver.

Definition at line 112 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ detach()

bool MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::detach ( )

Detach the object (you must have first called attach).

true/false on success failure.

Implements yarp::dev::IWrapper.

Definition at line 120 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ getLastVelocityCommandRPC()

return_getLastVelocityCommand MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::getLastVelocityCommandRPC ( )

Reimplemented from MobileBaseVelocityControlRPC.

Definition at line 162 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

◆ open()

bool MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::open ( yarp::os::Searchable config)

Open the DeviceDriver.

configis a list of parameters for the device. Which parameters are effective for your device can vary. See device invocation examples. If there is no example for your device, you can run the "yarpdev" program with the verbose flag set to probe what parameters the device is checking. If that fails too, you'll need to read the source code (please nag one of the yarp developers to add documentation for your device).
true/false upon success/failure

Reimplemented from yarp::dev::DeviceDriver.

Definition at line 42 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_iNavVel

yarp::dev::Nav2D::INavigation2DVelocityActions* MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_iNavVel = nullptr

Definition at line 65 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_local_name

std::string MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_local_name

Definition at line 62 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_mutex

std::mutex MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_mutex

Definition at line 59 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_rpc_port_navigation_server

yarp::os::Port MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_rpc_port_navigation_server

Definition at line 60 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_StreamingInput

VelocityInputPortProcessor MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_StreamingInput

Definition at line 61 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

◆ m_subdev

yarp::dev::PolyDriver MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp::m_subdev

Definition at line 64 of file MobileBaseVelocityControl_nws_yarp.h.

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