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yarp::sig::DataRGBA Struct Reference

#include <yarp/sig/PointCloudTypes.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string toString (int precision, int width) const
yarp::os::Bottle toBottle () const
void fromBottle (const yarp::os::Bottle &bt, size_t i)

Public Attributes

union { 
   struct { 
      unsigned char   b 
      unsigned char   g 
      unsigned char   r 
      unsigned char   a 
   yarp::os::NetInt32   rgba 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 230 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromBottle()

void yarp::sig::DataRGBA::fromBottle ( const yarp::os::Bottle bt,
size_t  i 

Definition at line 263 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ toBottle()

yarp::os::Bottle yarp::sig::DataRGBA::toBottle ( ) const

Definition at line 254 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ toString()

std::string yarp::sig::DataRGBA::toString ( int  precision,
int  width 
) const

Definition at line 244 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ [union]

union { ... } yarp::sig::DataRGBA

◆ a

unsigned char yarp::sig::DataRGBA::a

Definition at line 239 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ b

unsigned char yarp::sig::DataRGBA::b

Definition at line 236 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ g

unsigned char yarp::sig::DataRGBA::g

Definition at line 237 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ r

unsigned char yarp::sig::DataRGBA::r

Definition at line 238 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

◆ rgba

yarp::os::NetInt32 yarp::sig::DataRGBA::rgba

Definition at line 241 of file PointCloudTypes.h.

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