Yet Another Robot Platform
yarp::conf Namespace Reference


typedef float float32_t
typedef double float64_t
typedef std::int32_t vocab32_t
typedef long double float128_t
typedef ::ssize_t ssize_t

Typedef Documentation

◆ float128_t

typedef long double yarp::conf::float128_t

Definition at line 54 of file numeric.h.

◆ float32_t

typedef float yarp::conf::float32_t

Definition at line 50 of file numeric.h.

◆ float64_t

typedef double yarp::conf::float64_t

Definition at line 51 of file numeric.h.

◆ ssize_t

Definition at line 60 of file numeric.h.

◆ vocab32_t

typedef std::int32_t yarp::conf::vocab32_t

Definition at line 52 of file numeric.h.