Yet Another Robot Platform

The main, catch-all namespace for YARP. More...

Detailed Description

The main, catch-all namespace for YARP.

Device that reads inputs of Joypads compatible with the SDL library.

Short readable codes.

An abstraction for a periodic thread.

They are integers, for efficient switching, but have a readable (and writable) string representation. Codes are limited to 4 characters long (to fit in a standard network integer, NetInt32). This is a compromise to allow the creation of messages that can be parsed very efficiently by machine but nevertheless are human readable and writable.

switch(code) {
case createVocab('s','e','t'): // switch on "set"
case createVocab('s','t','o','p'): // switch on "stop"

Your program will be efficient, and the codes used if they traverse the network will be human readable/writable.

Description of input parameters

Parameters accepted in the config argument of the open method:

Parameter name Type Units Default Value Required Description Notes
tfLocal string yes local port name receiving and posting tf
tfRemote string yes name of the transformServer port
tf_left_hand_frame string Yes name of the left hand frame
tf_right_hand_frame string yes name of the right hand frame
tf_root_frame string yes name of the root frame
stick_as_axis bool yes if axes shoud be published as sticks
gui_elements int yes number of the gui element to visualize

Gui Groups parameters | Parameter name | Type | Units | Default Value | Required | Description | Notes | | width | double | pixel | | yes | width of the widget | | | height | double | pixel | | yes | height of the widget | | | x | double | pixel | | yes | x position of the widget | | | y | double | pixel | | yes | y position of the widget | | | z | double | pixel | | yes | z position of the widget | | | alpha | double | | | yes | alpha value of the widget | |


 An interface for the device drivers.
 A library for interoperability with the GSL library.
 Classes for constructing name servers.
 An interface to the operating system, including Port based communication.
 Signal processing.