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Command-line Accessible Devices

Devices that can be created and configured from the command-line. More...

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Detailed Description

Devices that can be created and configured from the command-line.

Generally you can create them with the yarpdev command by specifying a "--device" option followed by their name, for example:

 yarpdev --device test_grabber

This creates a test_grabber device with default options. You will generally need to specify additional options, for example:

 yarpdev --device test_grabber --width 640 --height 480 --name /test

How do you know what options are available? You can check our list of device invocation examples. Or When you try to run "yarpdev --device yourdevice" and add the "--verbose" flag, it will tell you what options it is checking, and any documentation present for those options.

For example, try running:

yarpdev --device test_grabber --verbose


 A fake motor control board, see yarp::dev::TestMotor.
 A motor driver, see yarp::dev::DimaxU2C.
 A wrapper for the ffmpeg library's image sources, see yarp::dev::FfmpegGrabber.
 A wrapper for the ffmpeg library's media writing, see yarp::dev::FfmpegWriter.
 The Jrkerr motion controller, see yarp::dev::JrkerrMotionControl.
 Client Kinect device interface implementation.
 Local Kinect device interface implementation.
 A wrapper for the opencv library's image sources, see yarp::dev::OpenCVGrabber.
 Client OpenNI2 device interface implementation.
 OpenNI2 device interface implementation - http://wiki.icub.org/wiki/OpenNI2.
 A portable audio source, see yarp::dev::PortAudioDeviceDriver.
 A fake framegrabber, see yarp::dev::TestFrameGrabber.