Yet Another Robot Platform

The yarpviz is a graphical tool for profiling and visualizing YARP network!

To be compiled, YARP has to be configured with YARP_COMPILE_GUIS=ON and YARP_COMPILE_yarpviz=ON


Ubuntu or Debian-based distribution

  • Install graphviz and qt5
    $ sudo apt-get install libgraphviz-dev qtbase5-dev qtdeclarative5-dev \
    qtdeclarative5-qtquick2-plugin qtdeclarative5-window-plugin \
    qtdeclarative5-controls-plugin qtdeclarative5-dialogs-plugin


  • Update brew
    $ brew update
  • Install Qt5
    $ brew install qt
    $ brew link --force qt
  • Add the following lines to your .bash_profile
    $ export Qt5_DIR=/usr/local/opt/qt5/lib/cmake
    $ export PATH=/usr/local/opt/qt5/bin:$PATH
  • Install Graphviz
    $ brew install graphviz


Download and install the library from (http://www.graphviz.org/Download_windows.php).

Set GRAPHVIZ_ROOT to point the installed directory (usually C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.38 or C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38).

Append GRAPHVIZ_ROOT%\bin to your PATH variable.