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yarpdatadumperAppGenerator: Generate yarpmanager applications for yarpdatadumper

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To dump data from several yarp ports, it may be convenient to launch several yarpdatadumper instances using the yarpmanager.

If you have Python installed on your machine, you can use the yarpdatadumperAppGenerator utility script to generate a yarpmanager application that will launch and connect as many yarpdatadumper as you need.

If for example you need to read the ports /icub/left_leg/stateExt:o and /icub/left_leg/analog:o on the host icub15, you can run the generator with the following option:

yarpdatadumperAppGenerator --ports /icub/left_leg/analog:o /icub/left_leg/stateExt:o --host icub15 --name leftLegDumper

This will generate the following yarpmanager application in the leftLegDumper.xml file:

<parameters>--name /dumper/icub/left_leg/analog:o --type bottle </parameters>
<parameters>--name /dumper/icub/left_leg/stateExt:o --type bottle </parameters>
static RFModule * module
Definition: RFModule.cpp:231


usage: yarpdatadumperAppGenerator [-h] --ports PORTS [PORTS ...]
[--imagePorts IMAGEPORTS [IMAGEPORTS ...]]
--host HOST --name NAME [--rxTime]
[--txTime] [--addVideo]
Tool for generating a YarpManager XML application for dumping a list of YARP
ports using the yarpdatadumper.
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--ports PORTS [PORTS ...]
list of ports (serializable to bottles) to dump
list of ports (of to dump
--host HOST host where to launch the dataDumpers
--name NAME name of the application, the file will be saved as
--rxTime pass --rxTime flag to the yarpdatadumpers
--txTime pass --txTime flag to the yarpdatadumpers
--addVideo pass --addVideo flag to the yarpdatadumpers
void usage(const char *action, const char *msg, const char *example=nullptr, const char *explanation=nullptr)
Definition: yarpros.cpp:197
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