Yet Another Robot Platform
YARP 3.4.3 (2021-02-23)

YARP 3.4.3 Release Notes

A (partial) list of bug fixed and issues resolved in this release can be found here.

Bug Fixes



  • Fixed handling of attach action for IWrapper devices.



  • getTorque is no longer called twice.


  • The rand mode was fixed.
  • The timestamp is now correct.
  • The image is no longer initialized when all the pixels are overwritten.


  • Fixed favor the use of parentheses with the keyword networks in the XML files. The old style is deprecated but still accepted. This is a fix in the sense that virtualAnalogWrapper was behaving differently from ControlBoardWrapper.



  • Fixed colors on dark mode desktop (#2466).


This is a list of people that contributed to this release (generated from the git history using git shortlog -ens --no-merges v3.4.2..v3.4.3):

30 Daniele E. Domenichelli <daniele.domenichelli@iit.it>
1 Ugo Pattacini <ugo.pattacini@iit.it>