Yet Another Robot Platform
YARP 3.1.1 (2019-04-18)

YARP 3.1.1 Release Notes

A (partial) list of bug fixed and issues resolved in this release can be found here.

New Features

Build System

  • Added YARP_DISABLE_VERSION_SOURCE cmake variable to disable version source when building YARP. This is an useful option for developers, since it avoids rebuilding everything whenever the commit or the dirty state changes. Please disable this option when including YARP version in bugs reports.

Bug Fixes

CMake Modules


  • Changed / in \ path.d under Windows (#1513).



  • Fixed write() in BufferedPort after interrupting-resuming(#1834).
  • Fixed assertion when YARP_FORWARD_LOG_ENABLE=1 (#1851).
  • Fixed impl/PlatformSysStat.h installation.
  • Fixed Port from performing resume() operations if not interrupted(#1896).
  • Fixes missing initialization value for Network Clock port



  • Fixed api.h installation.


  • Fixed element contruction when calling VectorOf<T>::push_back().
  • Fixed build when ZFP is installed.
  • Fixed possible buffer overrun in PointCloudTypes



  • Fixed serialisation / deserialisation of maps (#1802).




  • Fixed memory leak when using cvLoad(...).



  • Added timeout parameter.


  • Fixed set/getDepthAccuracy methods (#1877).


  • Fixed compilation on debian testing (#1849).


  • Fixed runtime linking issue.
  • Fixed shifted read from i2c.


This is a list of people that contributed to this release (generated from the git history using git shortlog -ens --no-merges v3.1.0..v3.1.1):

113 Daniele E. Domenichelli <daniele.domenichelli@iit.it>
33 Nicolò Genesio <nicolo.genesio@iit.it>
8 Damiano Enerli <damiano.enerli@iit.it>
7 Alberto Cardellino <alberto.cardellino@iit.it>
6 Silvio Traversaro <silvio.traversaro@iit.it>
3 Bartek Łukawski <bwmn.peter@gmail.com>
3 Marco Randazzo <marco.randazzo@iit.it>
2 Andrea Ruzzenenti <andrea.ruzzenenti@iit.it>
2 Arren Glover <arren.glover@iit.it>
2 Diego Ferigo <diego.ferigo@iit.it>
2 Nuno Guedelha <nuno.guedelha@iit.it>
2 Tobias Fischer <t.fischer@imperial.ac.uk>
2 Ugo Pattacini <ugo.pattacini@iit.it>
1 Claudio Fantacci <claudio.fantacci@iit.it>
1 Matteo Brunettini <matteo.brunettini@iit.it>
1 Mohamed Babiker Mohamed Elobaid <mohamed.elobaid@iit.it>
1 Valentina Gaggero <valentina.gaggero@iit.it>