Yet Another Robot Platform
YARP (2017-12-11)

YARP Release Notes

A (partial) list of bug fixed and issues resolved in this release can be found here.

Important Changes



  • Unification of code in DGramTwoWayStream for the allocation of write and read buffers (#899).
  • Added extra checks in the port names in Network:metaConnect(), with dedicated error messages.


  • The RandScalar methods are now using C++11 mersenne_twister_engine instead of a custom engine.


  • portmonitor, rossrv, tcpros, and xmlrpc carriers can now be enabled when SKIP_ACE is ON.

Build System

  • Added YARP_DISABLE_OSX_BUNDLES option to disable macOS bundles.
  • Added YARP_DISABLE_FAILING_TESTS option to disable tests known for randomly failing due to race conditions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several warnings reported by Clang static analyzer.
  • Fixed several defects reported by Coverity.



  • Fixed truncation of double in Property::fromString().
  • Fixed append to wrong string in BufferedConnectionWriter.h.
  • Fixed yarp::os::ConstString::getline for MSVC (#1357).
  • Reverted flush() added in YARP v2.3.71.1 at the end of AbstractCarrier::writeYarpInt().


  • Fixed RPC calls when connecting to right image port (split mode on)


  • Added the fallback port in yarpserver also if yarp is compiled without ACE, since we support mcast without ACE since v2.3.70.
  • Fixed yarpdev --list for Windows.


This is a list of people that contributed to this release (generated from the git history using git shortlog -ens --no-merges v2.3.70.1..v2.3.70.2):

144 Damiano Enerli <damiano.enerli@iit.it>
60 Nicolò Genesio <nicolo.genesio@iit.it>
40 Daniele E. Domenichelli <daniele.domenichelli@iit.it>
9 Alberto Cardellino <alberto.cardellino@iit.it>
3 Silvio Traversaro <silvio.traversaro@iit.it>
1 Marco Monforte <marco.monforte@iit.it>