Yet Another Robot Platform
YARP (2016-11-28)

YARP Release Notes

A (partial) list of bug fixed and issues resolved in this release can be found here.

Important Changes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed join() return values of threads when C++11 compilation is activated.
  • Fixed segmentation fault while closing YARP modules. (#942)


  • Added missing YARP_dev_API to ControlBoard interfaces.
  • Fixed segfault in controlboardwrapper2 for multiJoints functions


  • yarpdataplayer
    • Dataset with one entry can now be played. (#936)
    • Resetting sendstrict upon new dataset. (#941)
  • yarplogger
    • Open logs by drag'n'drop. (#934)


  • serial
    • Print error when the device cannot be opened.


This is a list of people that contributed to this release (generated from the git history using git shortlog -ens --no-merges v2.3.66.1..v2.3.66.2):

13 Daniele E. Domenichelli <daniele.domenichelli@iit.it>
4 Vadim Tikhanoff <vadim.tikhanoff@iit.it>
3 Claudio Fantacci <claudio.fantacci@iit.it>
3 Matteo Brunettini <matteo.brunettini@iit.it>
2 Alberto Cardellino <alberto.cardellino@iit.it>
1 Alexandros Paraschos <paraschos@ias.tu-darmstadt.de>
1 Gabriele Nava <gabriele.nava@mail.polimi.it>
1 Giovanni Saponaro <gsaponaro@isr.ist.utl.pt>
1 Marco Randazzo <marco.randazzo@iit.it>
1 Silvio Traversaro <silvio.traversaro@iit.it>