Yet Another Robot Platform
YARP 2.1.6 (2007-07-26)


This is a list of people that contributed to this release (generated from the git history using git shortlog -ens --no-merges v2.1.5...v2.1.6):

45 Paul Fitzpatrick <paulfitz@alum.mit.edu>
12 Alessandro Scalzo <alessandro.scalzo@iit.it>
12 YARP Developers <yarp0-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>
10 Alexandre Bernardino <alex@isr.ist.utl.pt>
6 Lorenzo Natale <lorenzo.natale@iit.it>
5 Carlos Beltran-Gonzalez <carlos.beltran@iit.it>
3 Francesco Nori <francesco.nori@iit.it>
3 Giorgio Metta <giorgio.metta@iit.it>
3 Jonas Ruesch <ruesch@ifi.uzh.ch>