Yet Another Robot Platform
Robot Testing Framework Plugins

The robottestingframework-plugins are dynamic libraries that can be loaded in the robottestingframework::TestSuite for using some YARP functionalities.

Compilation and installation

To compile them Robot Testing Framework is required.

Once RobotTestingFramework has been compiled (and eventually installed) the robottestingframework-plugins has to be enabled configuring YARP with YARP_COMPILE_RobotTestingFramework_ADDONS=ON. For users that doesn't install on their machines, they have to append <prefix>/lib/robottestingframework to LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Linux/macOS) and PATH (Windows) to make sure that RobotTestingFramework loads the plugins.

Available plugins

  • yarpmanager: plugin that allows you to launch applications inside the TestSuite throught yarpmanager. The xml file of the application is passed throught the parameter --fixture.
  • yarpplugin: plugin that allows you to check the availability of carriers (--carriers), portmonitor(--portmonitors), devices(--devices) and plugins (--plugins) in the machine on which the test is running.
  • yarpserver: plugin that allows you to launch a yarpserver inside the TestSuite.