Yet Another Robot Platform
IVelocityControl.h File Reference
#include <yarp/os/Vocab.h>
#include <yarp/dev/api.h>
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class  yarp::dev::IVelocityControlRaw
 Interface for control boards implementig velocity control in encoder coordinates. More...
class  yarp::dev::IVelocityControl
 Interface for control boards implementing velocity control. More...


 The main, catch-all namespace for YARP.
 An interface for the device drivers.


constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VELOCITY_MOVE_GROUP = yarp::os::createVocab('v','m','o','g')
constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VEL_PID = yarp::os::createVocab('v','p','d')
constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VEL_PIDS = yarp::os::createVocab('v','p','d','s')

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constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VEL_PID = yarp::os::createVocab('v','p','d')

Definition at line 303 of file IVelocityControl.h.


constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VEL_PIDS = yarp::os::createVocab('v','p','d','s')

Definition at line 304 of file IVelocityControl.h.


constexpr yarp::conf::vocab32_t VOCAB_VELOCITY_MOVE_GROUP = yarp::os::createVocab('v','m','o','g')

Definition at line 302 of file IVelocityControl.h.